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Our main business is the selection, licensing, procurement, importation, and repacking of  Pharmaceutical preparations to enable us to offer competitively priced “Branded” pharmaceuticals to community pharmacies in the UK and other European markets. In addition to this, we compliment our wholesaling service with a full range of competitively priced generics that are regular requirements of community pharmacies.

As member of the British Association of European Pharmaceutical Distributors (BAEPD) we fully support all efforts to maintain and preserve the integrity of the medicine supply chain whilst contributing to the delivery of the substantial commercial benefits to the NHS and Pharmacy community.

Although focused on serving community pharmacy, we also have many other activities within the Munro Group of companies, such as export/import and distribution in other European markets.

Parallel Imports

Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals is licensed by the Medicines Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to import and repack a large range of regularly prescribed “Branded” pharmaceuticals from throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).



Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals wholesales Generic pharmaceutical products to independent pharmacies located throughout the UK.


Manufacturing & Assembly

Our site in East Kilbride is licensed by the Medicines Health and Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to repack pharmaceuticals products. This process is STRICTLY regulated and complies with all EU regulation to “Good Manufacturing Practice”

Reference Listed Drugs

Your “trusted partner” for Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) for your Generic and Biosimilar Product Development Programs.



We have pan European distribution where we are regularly operating distribution solutions for products that vary in destination, consignment size, storage conditions, urgency, and our customer’s different special requests.


Sourcing Products

Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals, your “Procurement Partner” for sourcing products for named patient requirements, clinical supplies or clinical trials etc.


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We are licensed to repack thousands of pharmaceuticals from a range of European countries and whilst the majority of product is repacked for sales to our own customers. We also repack for some of our partners within Europe.

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